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Intro to OBS with Vern Avola

Thursday, May 28th 6-8 PM (PDT)
Saturday, May 30th 12-2 PM (PDT)
Tuesday, June 23rd 3pm-5pm (PDT)
Learn how to live stream with style from OBS master Vern Avola! In this workshop you'll learn the basics of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for streaming live performances, to combine multiple videos in one screen, and to add your own personal flair by creating scrolling banners and visuals! There are two sections of this being offered.

Digital Hygiene - Maintaining Your Anonymity Online

Monday, June 15th 6-8 PM (PST)
This is an online workshop, meeting link will be emailed to you prior to the start of the event. Learn how to navigate maintaining your online anonymity. In this workshop you'll learn the basics of using VPNs, secure password management, privacy focused browsing and metadata scrubbing. We will also go over cookies, cross-site tracking, and your online digital fingerprint.
This workshop is free, donations are welcome.

Intro to Pure DatA series with Tanner Noykoa

April 24 - May 16, Saturdays, 2-4 PM (PST)
Learn the basics of open source visual coding program Pure Data with Tanner Noykoa! This powerful program is free and has endless possibilities for developing your own audio, visual and sensor response programs! This is the first in an ongoing series of sequential online Pure Data workshops.

Intro to Soldering with Ash Spungin

March 7, 2020
Participants will be introduced to soldering by learning the basics and making their own contact mics which they will get to keep. Ash Spungin is a drummer, coder, visual artist, and instrument maker based in Portland. Her soldering and fabricating experience spans over the past 8 years. She has worked for various local companies including Hovercraft Amps, Solid Cables, and 4ms. She also owns and runs Ormus Electronics; an operation where she designs, and builds custom synthesizers.